Linux OS for Penetration

There are distinctive OS for Hacking and Penetration Testing with Linux distro is dedicatedly produced for Security Researchers or Ethical Hackers to perform different activities in security enterprises with an assortment of hacking instruments that prebuilt with OS.

Linux is an open source it gives you the opportunity to pick your own working framework.

For that, a ton of designers and organizations built up some extraordinary disseminations for this reason. Ex: Kali Linux, BackBox Linux, ParrotSecurity OS, etc!

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Top 10 Best OS for Hacking and Penetration Testing

1-Kali Linux:

Kali Linux is a  #1 Best OS for Hacking and Penetration Testing Distribution dependent on Debian. Created by Offensive Security.

The principal discharge was on February 5, 2006, it’s a finish of the BackTrack Linux Project.

There are 100’s of hacking instruments are pre-intstalled with Kali Linux for different activity, for example, pen testing, malware investigation, criminological examination, data gathering, organizing filtering, abuse, and so on.

It used to utilize GNOME as a Desktop Environment. These days Kali Linux turned into a Rolling delivery Distro.

It has a ton of instruments in the Kali Repositories. Download. Kali Linux Ranked number one in Top 10 Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux 2020.

You can locate the total kali Linux Tools and Tutorials here.

2-Parrot Security OS:

Parrot Security is #2 and another Best OS for Hacking and Penetration Testing, Forensics Distro devoted to Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Professionals.

Parrot OS similarly adding to the security network equivalent to Kali Linux with a verity of hacking apparatuses and magnificent GUI interface.

It has a major storehouse that gathers a great deal of astonishing hacking instruments for amateurs and specialists. Created by FrozenBox.

The main delivery was in June 2013. It used to utilize MATE as a Desktop Environment it depends on Debian like Kali Linux. Download.

3-BackBox Linux:

Backbox Linux is a #3 best OS for Hacking for moral hacking and entrance testing distro dependent on Ubuntu Linux.

Created by BackBox Team. The main delivery was on September 9, 2010.

Backbox used to utilize XFCE as a Desktop Environment and Ubuntu LTS renditions as a base.

It contains the most expert, acclaimed and utilized instruments in the PenTesting field like MSF, NMAP, BurpSuite, Armitage, SQLMap, etc. Download.

4-BlackArch Linux:

Dark curve Linux based Arch Linux #4  Lightweight and best OS for Hacking for moral hacking and Penetration Testing Distro intended for Professional and Elite Hackers who can work with Linux like a Pro.

Dark Arch contains about 2500 hacking apparatuses and nearly it covering all the stage in cybersecurity.

Used to utilize Fluxbox and OpenBox as a Desktop Environment with other DE’s. It has immense apparatuses in the vault more than 1500+ hacking instrument remembered for the Distro and Repo. The principal discharge was in 2013. Download.


Pentoo a #5 best OS for Hacking and PenTesting distro dependent on Gentoo. Pleasant assortment of hacking instruments. The main delivery was in June 2005. It’s by one way or another an old distro. We can say it’s obsolete. Download.

6-Samurai Web Testing Framework (Samurai-WTF):

Samurai WTF is an outstanding amongst other OS for Hacking and Professional Web Application Penetration Testing Framework and Distro.

It contains just WebApp Pentest Tools, for example, Burpsuite, SQLMap, etc. In light of Ubuntu. The principal discharge was in 2008. Download.

7-Network Security Toolkit (NST):

System Security Toolkit likewise is known as NST is a Professional best OS for Hacking and entrance testing and furthermore intended for Network Security and Network Penetration Testing Operations. In view of Fedora.

It contains the most expert and utilized devices in Network PenTest field. The primary delivery was in 2003. Download.


Wifislax stunning and best OS for moral hacking and Wifi Penetration Testing Distro dependent on Ubuntu.

It contains a great deal of Wifi Cracking/Hacking/PenTesting instruments. Created by an Italian Security Team. Download.

It basically conveyed with corporate system to ensure worker get to the secured organize.


Bugtraq proficient entrance testing distro intended for Penetration Testing Operations and Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis Missions. In view of Debian, contain a great deal of hacking instruments.

Created by Bugtraq-Team, the main delivery was in 2012. Download.

10-Cyborg Hawk:

Cyborg Hawk, Ubuntu-based best OS for moral hacking and infiltration testing. Contain more than 700 hacking devices.

Astounding distro for hacking purposes. Created by Cyborg Hawk Team from Australia. Download.

End – OS for Hacking

Picking the best OS for Hacking and entrance testing is a decent sign to learn moral hacking and Penetration testing ideas to improve your abilities and shielding the undertaking resources from cybercriminals.

Each security experts have their own kindnesses of security OS to utilize hacking instruments for both learning and business reason.

you can attempt all the OS at any rate once to encounter the incredible element.

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