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If Rock Band had songs from musicals, what would you pick? Obviously, orchestral stuff might not really work so Les Mis, Oliver etc is out. So I'm exploring songs with more of a poppy/drumbeat feel to them.

Wicked: For Good
Wicked: Defying Gravity
Grease: Greased Lightning
Grease: Summer Nights
Hamilton: Alexander Hamilton (first section would be piano on guitar, but by the fourth section you'd be playing strings and those would just build from there, and at the end all instruments including vocal harmonies kick in)
Hamilton: My Shot (this would be a very likely candidate, there is so much potential here)
Hamilton: It's Quiet Uptown
Joseph: Any DReam Will Do
Joseph: Joseph's Coat
Joseph: One More Angel in Heaven (this would fit nicely with the country esthetic)
Joseph: Song of The King
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