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What's your favourite screenshot?

A blast from the past, by ~white-dawn
Colorful KDE, by ~kexolino
KDE Plasma 4.12, by ~white-dawn
Keyboard, by ~Dobbie03
Screenshot - Monday 23 September 2013, by ~artbhatta
Pantallazo1, by ~Caher
Pantallazo2, by ~Caher
KDE - not really :), by ~Paz-1
Simplest Openbox, by ~doth-e-pin
Ss19092013, by ~Suovainaja
Thursday 19 Sept, by ~doth-e-pin
Monday 16 Sept, by ~doth-e-pin
end of summer, by ~fulllfrontal
Into the Void, by ~kexolino
Mother Gaia, by ~mmesantos1
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